Sunday, July 12, 2015

The more you know

So the more you know the better! Right? Not sure about this. Just check some weird facts down below and you might be clever than you were

I Tokyo, Japan, you can buy ice cream of many unusual flavors, including octopus (ohh God!), shrimp (this one reminds me of Forest Gump), horseflesh and cow tongue. 
- All I can say is that I had enough ice cream for this year!

There is an albino alligator that lives at the Sao Paulo Aquarium in Brazil and his name is Bino.

There is device called Kissenger and is a pig-shaped robot that relays the sensation of a kiss, allowing long distance couples to transmit kisses over internet.
- Now that's a weird thing to do, kiss a pig and think about your gf/bf.

In USA a man is selling evidence that Nicolas Cage is a vampire, for $1 million dollars.

There are 52 playing cards in a deck to represent the 52 weeks in year, the four suits represent the four seasons.

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