Sunday, July 12, 2015

The more you know

So the more you know the better! Right? Not sure about this. Just check some weird facts down below and you might be clever than you were

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Black Knight Satellite

This is a weird story about an unusual Black Knight. There are around 3000 human-made satellites around the Earth. Since the Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite into orbit in 1957, various countries around the world did the same and today satellites are used mostly for communication, navigation and exploration. Satellites are often visible passing overhead as the sunlight reflects back towards the Earth. However, these satellites are relatively unexciting in comparison to the mistery surrounding one very old dark satellite...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hubcaps creatures

I'm pretty sure you get annoyed when you see hubcaps littering the roadside, but not this guy. Ptolemy Elrington it's an artist who spent years putting them togheter for a good use. Elrington takes the old hubcaps and he uses them to build beautiful creatures. One of the great things of these creatures is that you can realize they are made from hubcaps. These gorgeous sculptures were once unwanted bits of trash, but now they are sold with up to £10.000!

For more creatures and if you want to buy some, just visit Elrington's website:

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Welcome to Prora Resort!

I think I need a holiday, a special one, I know I deserve it! Welcome to Prora Resort!

Well... it's not what you've expected to be... An imposing, austere row of buildings stretches for almost three miles along the east coast of Rügen, a German island in the Baltic Sea. Blocky and bleak, their unadorned design suggests a prison. But these buildings were meant for leisure: they form part of a Nazi-built seaside resort.In 1933, the Third Reich established Kraft durch Freude, or "Strength Through Joy," an organization devoted to managing the free time of the working German. The KdF arranged a wealth of enticing leisure activities, such as cruises, ski trips, invigorating hikes, and beach vacations. These pursuits were offered to all Germans, regardless of class, with the aim of inspiring gratitude toward — and preventing seditious activities against — the state.

Centralia Ghost-Town

Centralia is a borough and a near-ghost town in Columbia County, Pennsylvania, United States. Its population has dwindled from over 1,000 residents in 1981 to just 7 in 2013 as a result of the Centralia mine fire that has been burning beneath the borough since 1962. Centralia is the least-populated municipality in Pennsylvania.

Guess who's back b*tches!?

Sh*t just got serious! The blog is back and it's back with loads of new facts and weird things. And as you've noticed it's now in english so everyone can read and understand even if I'll spell it wrong sometimes (Not a single f*ck was given!).